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Bavarian Historiography in Early Medieval Salzburg
Bavarian Historiography in Early Medieval Salzburg
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ISBN 978-3-939337-81-2
192 Seiten, 16,5 x 24 cm

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Bavarian Historiography - Rechtsgeschichte
As the last one among works created in the late Antiquity it is Vita Sancti Severini written in 511 that mentions the town of Salzburg, however, in the more than two centuries following it no written source was produced or left to us that may provide additional information on the history of the settlement and the development of the fate of its Christian community. Our monograph is arranged around Libellus Virgilii, Gesta Sancti Hrodberti confessoris, Liber confraternitatum, Notitia Arnonis, Breves Notitiae, the so-called Carmina Salisburgenia and Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum, i.e., the seven most important sources of the 8th and 9th century from Salzburg following the chronology of the works listed. “Alle mittelalterliche Forschung ist Philologie”—so we have strived to keep this fundamental principle and the criterion of paying respect to sources in view throughout our work. As a further philological aspect of the monograph it can be underlined that regarding each of the sources specified as a starting-point, we have tried to explore their structure, linguistic and stylistic features. In addition to the philological approach, however, the aspects of public, ecclesiastical, cultural and legal history have been given great weight since historical sources of Salzburg could not have been interpreted without in-depth analysis of political processes, answering the questions arising in this respect as much as possible and drawing conclusions from such answers regarding the texts analysed.
Regarding the subject of our work it might be righteous to raise the question why the sources of Salzburg have been scrutinized. The historiography of Salzburg—and using this term in an extensive sense, we rank under this category hagiography, estate registers and the carmina that have the value of historical sources and narrate historical facts—is highly rich compared to the sources of Bavaria of the period since, albeit, hagiographic works, estate registers and letters were produced also in Freising, Regensburg and Passau, only Salzburg can be proud of Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum, this peculiar genus mixtum so typical of Salzburg. Most of the sources that constitute the subject of the investigation were written not primarily for historiographic purposes, but all of them include the historiographic element; yet, in addition to recording past events, their aim is practical, legitimizing, pragmatic: to determine, record the position, role, significance of Salzburg, which had turned from a modest locus to Bavaria’s intellectual, secular and ecclesiastical centre in the flow of politics having calmed into history.


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Foreword.. 5

Preface.. 7

I. Vigil and his times. 10

I. 1. The historical backgrould. 10

I. 1. 1. Bavarian politics in the first decades of the 8th century. 10

I. 1. 2. The organization of the Bavarian dioceses. 13

I. 1. 3. Bishop Virgil — the year of his ordination. 15

I. 2. The Libellus Virgilii 19

I. 3. Was Virgil identic with Aethicus Ister?. 25

I. 4. The Gesta Sancti Hrodberti confessoris. 34

I. 4. 1. When did Rupert arrive in Salzburg?. 34

I. 4. 2. Why did Rupert leave Worms?. 36

I. 4. 3. Year and place of Rupert’s death. 40

I. 5. The Liber Confraternitatum.. 42

II. Arn and his times. 49

II. 1. The historical background. 49

II. 2. The Notitia Arnonis. 67

II. 3. The Breves Notitiae. 69

II. 3. 1. The problems of dating. 69

II. 3. 2. Relation between the Breves Notitiae and the Notitia Arnonis. 71

II. 4. Philological and historical remarks on the notitiae. 75

II. 4. 1. Confirmatio per cartam – confirmatio per testes. 75

II. 4. 2. Notitia and carta. 76

II. 4. 3. Stylistic remarks on the registers of Salzburg. 80

II. 4. 4. Specific expressions of the Notitia Arnonis and the Breves Notitiae. 83

II. 5. Bavarian social structure in the mirror of the notitiae and the Lex Baiuvariorum   88

II. 5. 1. Libertas and servitus. 88

II. 5. 2. The nobiles and the genealogiae. 92

III. The Times of Liupram and Adalwin.. 100

III. 1. The historical background. 100

III. 1. 1. The fall of the autonomous Avar Caganate. 100

III. 1. 2. The choreography of Christianization – mission among the Bulgarians. 104

III. 2. The Carmina Salisburgensia. 115

III. 2. 1. The Carmina Salisburgensia as historical sources. 115

III. 2. 2. Philological remarks on the Carmina Salisburgensia. 117

III. 3. The Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum.. 121

III. 3. 1. The problems of the dating and the authorship. 121

III. 3. 2. Mission among the Carantanians in the mirror of the Conversio. 123

III. 3. 3. “Duke” Ingo’s feast in the Conversio and its reception by later historiographs. 125

III. 3. 4. Mission among the Avars in the mirror of the Conversio. 131

III. 3. 5. The show trial of Methodius in the mirror of the Conversio. 134

Conclusions. 146

I. Abbreviations of sources. 151

II. Bibliographical abbreviations. 155


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