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Regional Anatomy
Regional Anatomy
EUR 30,00    EUR (A) 31,00   sFr 52,00
ISBN 978-3-944-850-77-1
240 Seiten , Hardcover
20,2 x 28,5 cm
In the present new edition of Regional Anatomy textbook a greater emphasis was given to the lymphatic system both in the text and in the supplementary figures, in addition to a few minor corrections. Thus, an appropriate representation of this topic in regional anatomy, matching its significance in pathology, has been ensured.

Similarly, we have supplemented the cross-sectional illustrations with more detailed explanatory legends. Furthermore, results of advanced diagnostic methods, such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging have been added as a Supplement to the book, including original scans and explanatory drawings. These pictures are expected to draw the attention of the students to the issues of cross-sectional anatomy, an essential element of the modern anatomical curriculum.
Parallel with the recent Hungarian edition, the Authors decided to launch an English version of the Regional Anatomy textbook in accordance with the ever broadening scope of international relations in the academic field. We hope that this textbook, based upon meritorious traditions and favourably received in Hungary, will also fascinate and satisfy the needs of foreign students of medicine.

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